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Help Elders by Helping Us

How to Donate?

Music at Last Society is a Canadian Registered Non-Profit Organization. You can give a donation through PayPal or credit card, or send an e-transfer at
If you would prefer to send a cheque, please write it out to “Music at Last Society” and mail it to 

Music at Last Society
att: Diane Pepin
2854 Eton Street
Vancouver, BC
V5K 1K5

Why Should I Donate?

Music at Last Society is able to share music with seniors living with dementia thanks to the generosity of people like you. Music is a powerful connector in the setting of dementia with several benefits. It can help reduce anxiety and depression, help maintain speech and language, and enhance quality of life. If you own an iPod that you are no longer using or thinking of getting rid of, please consider donating it to us. Rest assured, your decision to give, whether it be through donating money or a device, has a tangible impact.

How Do We Use Donations?

This is a volunteer-led organization, and all donations are used to buy accessories like headphones, chargers, batteries, speakers, music, and the costs of shipping devices. 

The Impact of My Donation

To date, we have helped close to one hundred seniors living in British Columbia and Québec. Although this is a young organization, we hope to expand our reach so many more seniors in need can receive this service. The impact of your donation not only benefits seniors living with dementia, the joy and relief is also felt by families and people responsible for their care. Our volunteers have seen first-hand the positive effects music has had on seniors who benefit from their own personalized device loaded with the music they love to listen to.

Donation of Devices and Accessories

If you own an iPod that might be collecting dust somewhere in your home, please consider donating it to us. Your device could be the key to providing an individual with dementia the joy and happiness of music. In addition to iPods, we are also accepting donations of iPhones, iPads, docking stations, headsets, portable speakers, iTunes cards and chargers. We would be grateful for any functioning accessory that can be used to listen to music using iTunes.
iPod Touch
iPod Nano
iPod Shuffle
Power adapters
USB connecting cables
Docking Station
Docking Station
iTunes Gift Cards
For donation of iPods, iPhones, iPads, speakers, headsets, etc, you can drop them off or mail them at 2854 Eton Street, Vancouver, V5K 1K5 addressed to Diane Pepinaro or Contact Us for pickup.
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